I Want My Party Back T-shirt (with Teddy Roosevelt) - LIMITED EDITION

I Want My Party Back T-shirt (with Teddy Roosevelt) - LIMITED EDITION

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In seven years, Teddy Roosevelt completely reshaped America and even helped his chosen successor, William Taft, become president. The only problem? Taft didn’t exactly share Roosevelt’s beliefs in how the government should be run.

Small oversight, huh?

So what to do when you realize the world you built is going awry? Well run for President with your party.

But what if your party chooses your successor over you?

Time make your own political party.

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Historical Background

Theodore "Bull Moose" Roosevelt left office to a man he believed would continue his policies and reforms—William H. Taft. Really he had no reason to think otherwise. He had personally handpicked Taft and even campaigned on his behalf around the country.

However, only four years later, Teddy found himself furious going into the Republican National Convention after Taft had pivoted in office and became cozy with big business leaders. Roosevelt couldn’t let that stand and fully expected to be nominated as the party’s candidate for the presidential election of 1912.

The problem was Roosevelt, having alienated business leaders and political leaders with his trust-busting and reforms—in addition to the idea he would be breaking tradition and run for a third term—was shunted aside and Taft was chosen again.

Roosevelt couldn’t let that be the end of it. He left the convention and started the Progressive Party, nicknamed the Bull Moose Party. Thus began the splitting of the Republican party after what the progressive (radical) members felt was betrayal by current President William Howard Taft’s conservative, pro-big business administration.