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Rediscover America’s political past—one t-shirt at a time.

How can we recover and celebrate the knowledge of our American history?

Why, with t-shirts, of course!

With the finely crafted apparel of Taftly you can commemorate America’s past (the good and the bad) and impress your friends with your obscure historical trivia.

Taftly’s History

The political history geeks at Resound (a branding agency) figured there was no better way to celebrate America’s forgotten years, specifically 1850-1940, than with some finely made t-shirts. They began by crafting designs and a brand that would celebrate the knowledge of America’s past.

Thus was born, Taftly, the apparel brand for the historically inclined.

Taftly Shirts

Each shirt is designed to celebrate one of America’s lesser known political figures or events. Our hope is that you rediscover America’s past and bring your friends into the knowledge circle through our t-shirts, website, and social content.

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